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Conference Committee


David Marlett, JD CPA

Founder and Executive Director

Chairman of the Board

Managing Partner

Crowdfund International (consultants)

Dallas, TX


David has 25+ years experience with simple to complex financing of over $200M, with specialties in the film industry. He has run multiple national organizations and campaigns.


This committee's focus is to plan and produce the first annual, National Crowdfunding Conference for the NLCFA.

This committee works closely across all other committees and initiatives, bringing together the ideas, resources, sponsors and networking throughout the whole association.

As everyone is aware, a key element in the success of any national conference is the sponsors.  If you have an interest in sponsoring the conference, please use the form below, for now.  Soon the actual conference information will be launched, with the initial sponsors in place, so please let this committee know soon.

Also if you wish to attend the conference and possibly speak, etc., please indicate so using the below form.

And finally, if you are a voting member and wish to help with this committee, or if you have a comment or question, please use the below form and we will be in touch shortly.  Thank you!


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