Supporting, Educating and Protecting the American Crowdfunding Market

About Us




The mission of the National Crowdfunding Association is to support, educate, and protect the American crowdfunding market.   We represent the interests of both the investor and the entrepreneur in every crowdfunding transaction, whether it is an investment, equity, reward or donation crowdfund offering.

The NLCFA was formed in March, 2012, prior to the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012 authorizing investment crowdfunding in America.  We provide our members with opportunities to shape the industry, learn the details of the marketplace, stay informed and stay ahead, and the opportunity to network with others involved in this revolutionary new way of financing.

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We are an inclusive trade association of crowdfunding professionals, portals, VC firms, angel investors, attorneys, accountants, software vendors, educators and students and many more who are participants in making crowdfunding work.  We do/will operate as a traditional trade association, producing an annual trade conference, providing educational materials and opportunities for our members, representing our member body to the applicable regulatory authorities, providing business opportunities uniquely to our members, obtaining and offering group insurance to our members, etc.

We seek to work with other groups who are equally dedicated to the success of the crowdfunding market, as well as exhibit goodwill toward all other crowdfunding groups.  The NLCFA is a New York non-profit corporation, owned by its members, run by its board and staff, and filing with the IRS as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

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