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Affinity Group Crowdfunding


Bill Murray

Co-Chair, Affinity Group Initiative


Christian Angel Capital Network

Las Vegas, NV 

Rob Moss

Co-Chair, Affinity Group Initiative

Director, Las Vegas Chapter NLCFA

Sr. Partner/VP

Christian Angel Capital Network 

Las Vegas, NV 


Juan Solana
Director, Hispanic Crowdfunding
Chief Economist
DIrector New Media
HIspanic Business Inc. 
Chicago, IL 


This initiative is tasked with bringing crowdfunding to pre-existing organizations, groups, associations, and other 'affinity' groups.  Groups of people, self-formed around a common goal, objective, culture, etc. are by definition a 'crowd' of sorts.  We believe such affinity groups are a natural recipient of the crowdfunding message and a well-trusted conduit of information to their members.

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