Supporting, Educating and Protecting the American Crowdfunding Market

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

We, the persons listed here, are serving as your board.   We are very busy managing the explosive growth of the NLCFA, regulatory work, education matters, veterans programs, university relations and other initiatives, along with the first annual National Crowdfunding Conference.  At that conference the full voting membership of the NLCFA, according to its bylaws, will elect its first annual board.  If you would like more information, please contact us here, or any of these board members directly.

David Marlett, JD CPA

Founder and Executive Director

Chairman of the Board

Managing Partner

BlueRun Crowdfund (consultants)

Dallas, TX


David has 25+ years experience with simple to complex financing of over $100M, with specialties in the film industry. He has run multiple national organizations and campaigns.

Howard Landers
Director of Regulatory Affairs

Managing Director
AllowToDo (portal)

Miami, FL

Kathie Callahan-Brady
Club President
Columbia, Maryland


Ray Davies

Director of Marketing


Marketing and Communications

San Diego, CA


Craig Denlinger, CPA
Director: Financial Affairs
Co-Chair: Finance Committee

Certified Public Accountant
Deloitte & Touche
Denver, CO

Craig is a CPA specializing in audit and review services. He also has entrepreneurial experience as the first employee of a successful start-up company.

Patricia Salber, MD MBA

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Co-Chair:  Membership Committee


Health Tech Hatch (portal)

Larkspur, CA


Pat is a physician executive and serial entrepreneur who founded and is CEO of Health Tech Hatch, a crowdfunding and beta testing site for health tech entrepreneurs.  

Matt Nutting, JD

Director of Legal Affairs

Chair:  Attorneys in Crowdfunding

Coleman & Horowitt

Fresno, CA


David Anderson

Director at Large

Chair: Crowdfunders of Color

Asset Manager

Chicago, IL


In addition to financial services, David's professional experience spans across real estate, entreprenuership, education, social justice and politics most recently the Executive Office of The White House.  David and his wife serve at-risk youth in Chicago.

Brian Teague

Director: IT

Membership Committee


StreetFunder (portal)

Dallas, TX


Bill Hayes, CFP
Director:  Professional Development

Chair:  CCA Committee
Charles Carroll Financial Partners

Washington, DC