Supporting, Educating and Protecting the American Crowdfunding Market

Certified Crowdfund Advisors


Bill Hayes, CFP

Charles Carroll Financial Partners

Washington, DC


We see a need for professionals in the field to have training in crowdfunding so they can accurately speak on the subject and represent clients seeking to crowdfund and/or seeking to invest in or back a crowdfund offering.

To meet that need the NLCFA is currently developing a professional certification as a Certified Crowdfund Advisor (CCA) for those professionals.  Individuals who have successfully passed the CCA Exam (currently being designed) will be a certified CCA in the United States and allowed to market themselves as either a CCA (in this context) or a Certified Crowdfund Advisor. When developed, people will be able to place inquiries with the NLCFA to confirm the CCA status of anyone claiming such.

NLCFA Soon to Offer Certified Crowdfund Advisor (CCA) Certification!

When developed, registration to become a CCA is free (both the exam and the first year fee).   As for any professional certification, some level of Continuing Education will be required.  Further, this CCA program is being designed with the specific objective and intent that it be sanctioned and recognized by relevant government agencies.

The NLCFA will administer the CCA examination process through its CCA Committee, also to be referred to as the CCA Board of Standards, mirroring much of the CCA program on the Certified Financial Planner examination and certification process.  This committee is responsible for designing and administering the CCA Exam, as well as managing the CCA certification system as a whole.

If you have an interest in the  CCA certification, or if you are a  member and would like to help this committee in the design and administration of the CCA Exam and/or continued education and certification maintenance, email