Supporting, Educating and Protecting the American Crowdfunding Market

Content Committee


Bill Hubbard, JD CPA

Co-Chair:  Content Committee


Hubbard Business Counsel

Chicago, IL


Bill has over 30 years of experience helping entrepreneurs. Today his firm provides business legal (and securities) counsel to small and middle-market companies and their owners.

Juan Solana
Content Committee
Chief Economist, Director
New Media
Chicago, IL



This committee's focus is to develop, produce and provide crowdfunding educational materials and programs to the public, NLCFA members, and to specific end-users such as attorneys, CPAs, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, etc.  

There is significant work underway in this busy committee.  We hope you will be patient as we roll out materials, and that you choose to join and help this very active group.

This committee works closely across all other committees and initiatives, bringing together the ideas, expertise and networking throughout the whole association.  If are a voting member and you wish to help with this committee, or if you have a comment or question, please use the below form and we will be in touch shortly.  Thank you!


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