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Membership Committee


Patricia Salber, MD MBA


Health Tech Hatch (portal)

Larkspur, CA

Pat is a physician executive and serial entrepreneur who founded and is CEO of Health Tech Hatch, a crowdfunding and beta testing site for health tech entrepreneurs.  

Brian Teague


StreetFunder (portal)

Dallas, TX


A happy and healthy trade association has happy members.  That is the responsibility of this committee.  Their specify focus is to be a liaison to our members, manage our services to our members, continue to increase our membership roles, and manage our membership database, rosters, etc.

This committee works closely across all other committees and initiatives, bringing together ideas, resources, sponsors and networking throughout the whole association.

If you are a voting member and wish to help with this committee, or if you have a comment or question, please use the below form and we will be in touch shortly.  Thank you!


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