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Official Sponsors are members who have gone above and beyond in their contribution of funds and/or services to the NLCFA. We encourage you to seek them out for what crowdfunding-related services they may provide you.  Click on their logos to go to their websites.

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eBarnRaiser is a funding platform that provides Issuers and Investors the financial infrastructure for the 21st Century Investment Bank.  eBR LLC develops and operates both web and mobile eCommerce/eFinance applications aimed at the democratization of the financial markets by disrupting traditional funding channels and thus empowering Main Street. and

1st BridgeHouse Securities
 is a FINRA member firm that sources, creates, and delivers unique investment banking and advisory solutions to a wide array of capital market participants. Our investment bankers focus on providing capital raising and advisory services to growth oriented companies. 1st BridgeHouse Consulting provides solutions and advice for compliance and regulatory issues while also understanding the requirements of sales, operations, and management. 1st BridgeHouse Digital is the newest company that focuses on regulatory, operations and best practice solutions for crowdfunding portals and related crowdfunding broker dealers.

PR Newswire is the global leader in news and information distribution services for professional communicators.

Equity Advertising Ventures is a full-service marketing and communications agency. We work with large and small organizations, yet we hold unique insight and strategic processes for organizations within the equity advertising and equity marketing industries. Whether you represent a mature business, are an entrepreneur looking to launch a new company, a seed-funded start-up, or are considering an entry into the equity crowdfunding space, EVA has a platform for you.

The law firm of Richardson & Patel focuses on corporate & securities law, mergers & acquisitions, and business, securities & employment litigation.  Richardson & Patel’s competitive strength lies in its ability to blend its entrepreneurial spirit with its grasp for complex legal issues.  As a valued partner to emerging growth clients, Richardson & Patel has seamlessly integrated the art of business and the science of law to deliver Business Minds for Legal Matters.


Health Tech Hatch is an online, mobile resource dedicated to launching early-stage innovations in health care and putting them into the hands of patients, physicians, wellness professionals and consumers. Our model creates a synergy among a crowdfunding model–a groundbreaking method of raising start-up funds for a new business or product—concept and prototype testing and expert mentorship.

Chicago based Hubbard Business Counsel charts businesses through today's, and tomorrow's, business, legal and financial environment. These roles are crucial to that mission: to serve as outside general counsel to middle-market companies and their owners; to help clients make sound business decisions; to help implement appropriate actions, in what are often difficult times; and to aid clients in planning for their futures.

BlueRun Crowdfund is the world's leading crowdfunding consultant to the film industry.  The firm is led by David Marlett, the Founder and Executive Director of the NLCFA.  Film finance and crowdfunding are made for each other like none other.  A great fit.  Contact us and let us show you why.

 is the Crowdfunding Due Diligence Company.  We're here to help entrepreneurs seeking crowdfunding and people interested in making crowdfunding investments. The most important way we'll do this is by doing “due diligence.”  We do the due diligence that we’d do if we were investing our own money, or looking after our own grandmothers’ investments.  We go beyond the minimum checks that the law requires.